The Company

We are one of the leaders in this industry and you can be assured of the best product when you buy from us. Our products are genuine and we offer you a choice to buy fully loaded boxes as well. However we definitely do not recommend them since some of the links may be old and at time these are not very up to date on the sources. It may be possible that the box may have been loaded many months back and the content that is delivered may be outdated.

We also help you know what to do in order to keep the content fresh and updated in the future. We offer free shipping but you may at times have to wait for four weeks to get the products. We take care to give you products that are genuine and in case you need fully loaded boxes we offer that to you too.

We also help you on ways to maintain the box into the future with the OTA or the over the air updates. We also help you select the best box for your use and we take care to guide you well so that you may not get fooled by anything that is rubbish. Our boxes are not cloned and you can trust us here. All our boxes also come with proper approvals. We deal with the companies directly and thus we assure quality in all our products.

We also offer you complete specifications of the box. We are a big name in this industry and we are never shy to let you know the specs of our boxes. Our RAM is great and it is 2GB. We also offer storage of 16GB, though storage may not necessarily be a major deciding factor if you are going to use it as a streaming box only.